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Bulbul or An Unsung Song

Bulbul or An Unsung Song - Sidharth Vardhan Review coming soon.

The Theory of Everything: The Origin and Fate of the Universe

The Theory of Everything: The Origin and Fate of the Universe - Stephen Hawking Review coming on Monday.

Life Without Limits

Life Without Limits - Nick Vujicic Life without limits by Nick Vujicic is an inspirational novel. It is based on Nick's life experiences. He wrote this book when he was twenty-seven years old. He is from Australia. He was born without any limbs. It's a story of a limbless man.

Nick's parents are devout Christians, but after Nick was born with neither legs nor arms, they wondered what God had in mind in creating him. Nick was their first child. At first, they assumed that there was no hope and no future for Nick. Instead of celebrating his birth, Nick's parents and their whole church mourned. It took a long time to see the benefits of the circumstances Nick was born to.

Nick's childhood was different. But his parents try their best to give him a normal life. They invent cool stuff to help Nick in his daily chores. His parents laid a strong foundation of belief in him. Nick believes that life has no limits. He wants us to feel the same way through this book. He has physical limitations, but still, he is doing skateboarding, surfing, playing music, hitting a golf ball, speaking to audiences and inspires them. We have the limb, but still, we live in fear and agony.

Nick has two younger siblings. For his parents, he was not exactly the child of their dreams. But they have strong faith in God and believe that God must have a plan for their son. Many people pity him, but he doesn't care. He believes that you can't control what will happen to you. But you can control your attitude towards the problem. He is an inspiration. He travels worldwide, share other people grief, show them the right path and gets a lot of hugs.

"If you can't get a Miracle, become one."

According to the author, finding your purpose is the first important step in living a life without limits. Maintaining hope for the future during difficult times plays a key role. If one can live with faith; they will never be live in despair. Faith means Full Assurance In The Heart. Our society bombarded us with messages that we need to have a certain look, drive a certain car, and maintain a certain lifestyle in order to be loved, appreciated, or considered successful. We must not allow other people to determine our value.

Nick faces many challenges, but he encourages others to recognize their problems, work harder, and keep searching for creative solutions no matter how many times we fail. This story changes one's perspective. Before I read this book, I always thought about how Nick manages to do things? How can he be so optimistic and happy? After reading the book, I got my answers.

This book gives an insight into Nick's personal life. The way he deals with his emotions. When he was a teenager, he always thought that no one will ever marry him. He will never get a job. He even thought of suicide at once. He overcame all the difficult phases of his life. He completes his studies. He becomes a famous YouTuber and motivational speaker. He has a beautiful wife, Kanae, and son, Kiyoshi. We all need supportive relationships. Nick is always surrounded by true friends, mentors, and role models support and help him to achieve his dreams. People call him crazy, but he said to take risks and dare to be called crazy by those who doubt your genius.

This book provides a personal action plan to help and determine your path. The author describes her relationship with his family beautifully. This book inspires me in so many ways. The author includes other people life-changing experiences as well. He works for the different organization and helps the people in need. Nick's faith in God and willing to live a good life changes everything. He realized his purpose. He turns his struggle into lessons that inspire others. The content is engaging and powerful. It's a fun and emotional read. I like how he handles the bullies in high school. He gives and receives a lot of love from everyone. I would strongly recommend this book. It encourages you to rise, explore, and developing your gifts.

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Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind - Yuval Noah Harari It's an excellent book with all the facts and figures which we don't know. This book is thought-provoking and changes one's thoughts about history. The author tries to sum up as much as he can in this book but in my opinion, a single book is not enough for the brief history of humankind. It never will be.

Although, the book is filled with the author's opinions. He believes that Earth is better off without humans. Some part of the book is very intriguing and some are so boring that you wish to stop reading. There is a lack of information about Neanderthals which made me unsatisfied. I like the scientific revolution part very much. This book tells how we evolve and about our genes and other interesting stuff. It's a must-read.

This is the thrilling account of our extraordinary history - from insignificant apes to rulers of the world in which fire gave us power, gossip helped us cooperate, agriculture made us hungry for more, mythology maintained law and order, money gave us something we can really trust, contradictions created culture and science made us deadly.

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Aluria - Tyler Cook PS- Get a free copy for honest review.
The story of Aluria reminds me a series named Arrow where Oliver Queen, a rich businessman disappeared & considered to be dead until he came back to save his city. Well, back to Aluria it is a fast-paced story with so many errors. The storyline is one-dimensional. The author didn't do justice to the characters. It's a short read so characters are not described well. The dialogues or description between characters is lame. I can't feel any kind of emotional connection with any of the character. Aluria & Jason have odds on how to handle situations, with Jason's empathy for his enemies.
Read the full review here - https://ajain22.blogspot.in/2018/03/book-review-aluria.html

Yesterday: A Novel of Reincarnation

Yesterday: A Novel of Reincarnation - Samyann This novel is based on reincarnation. The story starts with an accident when a beautiful young woman Amanda Parker saves the life of a handsome Chicago policeman, Mark Callahan. They both feel an instant connection but Amanda thinks that she knows Mark from her past life and her instinct will become stronger when she purchases an antique clock from the 18th century. Amanda lives with her godmother Mary, who is a psychiatrist and a cat named Oprah.

The story revolves around Amanda how she lost her parents and boyfriend. She started thinking that everyone she ever loves will die sooner or later and because of this, she doesn't want to come closer to Mark. Every time she meets Mark she felt a connection with him and with that clock she buys after her accident. Mary helps Amanda to learn things about her past life where she is a girl name, Bonnie.

Ben, the Negro man was Bonnie’s father. Jack is her cousin, and they lived in Virginia. Apparently, Bonnie's parents died and all other people she ever loved. The truth of Amanda's past life broke her and she started to think about how unlucky she is. But with help of Marry and unconditional love of Mark she understands the purpose or truth of her past life. Amanda is very hesitant towards Mark at first, but she has no problem involving with him sexually. The kisses and cuddles, as hot as they were, seem pointless and overdone.

But It's a story of love and loss. The details of Amanda's regression session described well. There are so many characters in this book and Amanda's try to figure out who was Mark and what is the connection between two of them which makes her life tough day by day. The little details in this book, like the St. Michaels church, the angel bells, and many such important artifacts too, later revealed to be real, blew my mind.

The author described historical parts very well as American Civil War and Chicago fire. There is a story in the story of a different era. The characters are mix with past and present very well. But sometimes it creates confusion or the words used in the 18th century part is stupify. The story is both romantic and mysterious. The story pace is slow. The clock scenes were added the fascinating spiritual viewpoint throughout the story. The research and detail were just excellent. The feeling of these two characters falling in love will stay with you long after you finish the book. It's a satisfying read and if you are a historical fiction fan than this book is for you.

PS- Get a free copy in exchange for a review.


Hero - Rhonda Byrne This is the story about why you are here on planet Earth. There is something special about everyone. The life we live and the life we always want to live is different but how can you fulfill your dreams shows in this book. This book is about the journey of twelve most successful people living in the world today. They share their stories and reveal everything one's need to live their dream. The book consists of four parts with the struggle faced by the heroes of this story.

Part One - The Dream

Whatever circumstances you were born into, whatever family life and education you had or didn't have, you came here to make your dreams come true, and no matter where you are now, you are fully equipped with everything you need to do it. It's not the conditions of the outside world that determine whether or not your dreams will be fulfilled. By realizing your dreams, you will realize the greatness in you. The author described that every single person born with some unique talent or ability and no matter how impossible that dream seems to be, you are being called to follow it. When you refuse the call from life to follow your dreams, you run the risk of living an unfulfilled and unhappy life & you will feel regret it in future.
Even if you don't know yet what your dream is, there's something you can do right now that will accelerate your dream materializing: give your best to whatever you're currently doing. Follow your bliss and follow it with all of your heart. Although you can't see the whole way ahead, your bliss is the thread that will lead you to all of your dreams.

"Take a job that you love. I think you are out of your mind if you keep taking jobs that you don't like because you think it will look good on your resume. Isn't that a little like saving up sex for your old age?" - Warren Buffett

Part Two - The Hero

To believe in yourself is perhaps the most powerful ability you have available to you. Your belief will carry you through every difficult situation or circumstances. If you don't believe in yourself today it just means that in your life you have accepted thoughts about yourself that other people put upon you and you believed them to be true. Remind yourself that you have incredibly powerful abilities and all you need to do is take one step at a time. People think you are a liar when you're visualizing your dreams because they think, that's not happening. That's not here. But it's absolutely here because if you can think it. It can happen. There are always going to be both positive and negative experiences. But if you consistently look for the good and maintain a positive attitude you will triumph. If you have a burning desire for your dream, then you will have all the determination you need to make it a reality.

"Success is achieved twice. Once in the mind and the second time in the real world." - Azim Premji

Part Three - The Quest

Many people give up on their dreams or don't even begin to pursue them because from where they are standing they can't see the whole path of their dream. No successful person has ever known how his or her dream would happen. They simply believed that it would happen, and didn't give up until it had. Your dream will never end up being smaller than what you thought. It will only become greater, in ways you could never have imagined. Every obstacle or challenge you encounter on the Hero's journey transforms you as you acquire strength of character and the qualities you need to overcome the challenge.

"Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great." - Mark Twain

Part Four - Victory

The ultimate reward for the success of your dream does not mark the end of the journey, but the beginning of another. Experiencing the rewards from realizing a dream is glorious, and every person who fulfills their dream deserves each and every one of those rewards. You can help others with your time or resources. At the end of the Hero's journey, you will discover that the eternal happiness you've been looking for is in the discovery of who you really are.

This book is very inspiring and motivating. This book tells us that nothing is impossible. The author uses quotes from others to inspire. All you need to believe in your instinct. The book focuses on motivating people. I would highly recommend this book and it's worth of your time and money.

If whatever you do help just one person, you've done something wonderful." - Blake Mycoskie

Two By Two

Two By Two - Nicholas Sparks This is my first read by this author, Nicholas Sparks. It is a story about Russell Green and his family. Russ who always tried so hard to make his family happy and a hard-working guy. Vivian, a selfish, complaining and dominating woman who is so much into shopping.

It is a reflection of Russ's life and the vivid memories he has of their meeting and marrying Vivian. They never had a spark in their relationship especially when Russ quit the job and start his own advertising agency. The only bright spot of the book is the relationship between Russ and his daughter London which is developed day by day and it is so sweet. There are other characters too. Emily, Russell's ex-girlfriend. Marge, elder sister of Russ and her live-in partner Liz. Russell's parents who were busy with their own lives.

Russ is a guy in his early thirties, fighting to keep his life on track. He loves his daughter and wife but things have changed when London is almost six and his wife wants to go back to work because she thinks they need more money. She also loves her daughter and scared to lose her. But she is the only character one can hate the most. The way she does things and says in the book is hurtful. Russ is old-fashioned and does everything to please his wife even he knows he's doing wrong but he portrayed as helpless by the author. Emily's son Bodhi becomes London's best friend. Russ and Emily slowly renew their friendship as their children's lives touch. When Russ go through the divorce and don't know how to fix all things, Marge and Emily helped him a lot.

There is sadness, loss, and struggle but it is balanced by the love of family, friends, and renewed love. The relationship between Russell and London was well portrayed by the author. But the way Vivian blame his husband for everything and Russ who never stand for himself was a bit annoying. Russ always wants to please his wife and daughter no matter how much he got hurt in the process. I'm sure everyone wants at least once that Russell gives an answer to Vivian about his bad behavior but it doesn't happen either. It's an extremely long story and slow pacing. The first half about their same routine, again and again, was boring. I heard so much about the author but after reading this book I feel disappointed and the ending just made me roll my eyes. I certainly not recommend this book to anyone.

Everyone Has A Story

Everyone Has A Story - Savi Sharma Everyone has a story is author's debut novel which was inspired by stories around her presented as an 'Inspirational Romance'.

Well talking about the character Meera, who is in search of a story. Vivaan, who dreams of traveling the world. Kabir, who desires something of his own. Nisha, who keeps secrets of her own. Every character wants something from life. The story revolves around them with very little depth of sense. It is a story with some unrealistic events like Meera's accident and no one comes to visit from her family. Vivaan wants to explore the world but has same dialogue all around that I quit my job for traveling is enough to lose interest in this book. Nisha, a rich girl fall for poor Kabir makes this story like a daily soap or typical Bollywood drama. They have only a few problems or adventures in their life and they don't have much to do with their life. I don't understand what was in the author's mind while writing.

The characters are dull and one dimensional. The author doesn't think much while writing. It's an utter disappointment to read something like this; author's writing is clumsy, implausible, and superficial. It's not at all inspirational romance, the story makes no sense. The title is captivating but it's a disgrace to genuine readers. The author is failed to inspire others through his writing. I would not recommend this book to anyone and the only thing I found interesting about this book is that it's in a list of Flipkart and Amazon bestseller book of 2017.