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Everyone Has A Story

Everyone Has A Story - Savi Sharma Everyone has a story is author's debut novel which was inspired by stories around her presented as an 'Inspirational Romance'.

Well talking about the character Meera, who is in search of a story. Vivaan, who dreams of traveling the world. Kabir, who desires something of his own. Nisha, who keeps secrets of her own. Every character wants something from life. The story revolves around them with very little depth of sense. It is a story with some unrealistic events like Meera's accident and no one comes to visit from her family. Vivaan wants to explore the world but has same dialogue all around that I quit my job for traveling is enough to lose interest in this book. Nisha, a rich girl fall for poor Kabir makes this story like a daily soap or typical Bollywood drama. They have only a few problems or adventures in their life and they don't have much to do with their life. I don't understand what was in the author's mind while writing.

The characters are dull and one dimensional. The author doesn't think much while writing. It's an utter disappointment to read something like this; author's writing is clumsy, implausible, and superficial. It's not at all inspirational romance, the story makes no sense. The title is captivating but it's a disgrace to genuine readers. The author is failed to inspire others through his writing. I would not recommend this book to anyone and the only thing I found interesting about this book is that it's in a list of Flipkart and Amazon bestseller book of 2017.